Rainbow Obsidian












Invitation Letter of XAGA


*This website mainly sells BJD dolls and the accessories which belongs to xagadoll,


an original BJD brand (Obsidian Dolls Company).


*All the dolls of XAGA are designed and created by the team in all efforts.


*All the pictures of the dolls are taken by the staffs of XAGA.


We have divided the dolls into following different categories according to their sizes.


sd size 58cm-65cm):Purple Obsidian

msd  size (42cm-45cm)
Blue Obsidian

yosd size 
26cm):Green Obsidian

lati yellow size 
16cm)Golden  Obsidian



dsd size (38.5cm): White Obsidian


(75cm): Silvery Obsidian


(27cm): Red Obsidian


Limited dolls have two categories



Ice crystals Obsidian


In our hearts, these kids are as bright as this mystery jewel

All of the staffs in XAGA are waiting for your coming ^^


Welcome to join the Obsidian World with us




Quality Assurance of XAGA


*All the dolls will have strict quality assurance before shipping in order to assure the


benefit of purchasers.


*If the doll happens to have quality problem; it can be returned within 3 days and changed


within 7 days.If some damages happen in future (such as yellowing, damages caused by


external forces, etc.),you only need to spend a little money to send it back to repair.


*We will bear the shipping charge of return or exchange because of the quality problem.




differences between page price and actual price


At present, the price of the doll in the page doesn’t include any costs of the makeup.




Following is the price of the make up

 Silvery Obsidian : $80/70 including eyelash


Purple Black Obsidian$65including eyelash


Blue Obsidian$55including eyelash


Green Obsidian$50including eyelash


Golden  Obsidian$45including eyelash


Red Obsidian : $50including eyelash



Official clothes have two types:


1) The clothes which are designed and made by ourselves will open to sell.


2) The clothes which are not designed by us are used to display. These clothes are not for sale.


Above situations will be stated clearly in the page.





*We will try our best to avoid any unhappiness. No matter what happens, please contact us. XAGA’s


Customer Service Representative will help you in time.