Xaga 1/4 Girl Body





Xaga 1/4 Girl Body 

Xaga Doll 1/4 double jointed girl body. Body only, there is no head.

Body Measurements:

-Height: 42cm (with head on)
-Neck: 6.7cm
-Shoulder Width: 6.5cm
-Arm Length: 11.9cm
-Chest: 17cm
-Waist: 14cm
-Hips: 20.2cm
-Thighs: 11.4cm
-Leg Length: 19cm
-Foot Width: 2cm
-Foot Length:  5.7cm

Resin Colors:

-Normal Skin
-White Skin

Resin varies from batch to batch, the color might look different then what you have seen in person or in pictures. We can't guarantee that hands, feet, or other parts will match the doll that they are being purchased for, even if the parts are for a doll of the same brand.